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Hello and Welcome to Edumacate!

The function of education, therefore, is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. But education which stops with efficiency may prove the greatest menace to society.  The most dangerous criminal may be the man gifted with reason, but with no morals. –  Martin L. King Jr 

 As it stands right now:

  • It is undemocratic in the sense that the students have very little control as to what they learn
  • Much of the learning takes place within a classroom
  • The education is general, feels out of touch with “the real world”
  • Little emphasis is put on the arts, critical thinking and entrepreneurship
My goal is to help people (more specifically youth to) understand the dangers of being apathetic about our education system as it is right now. There are many professionals who are pushing for an education revolution. So let us begin the movement!